About Me

         My name is Jersey Jay Wymbs. I’ve been tattooing on the Jersey Shore since 1991. I began my life in tattooing by spending most of my teenage years hanging in and around the local tattoo shops in my area. Like many teens, my friends and I gave each other hand poked Indian ink crosses and that sort of thing, a kind of teenage rite of passage ritual. On my 18th birthday I got my first professional tattoo, a memorial cross for my mother. 2 weeks later I was back in the chair for more. I was obsessed and couldn’t get enough.

     Tattoos were commonplace in my household since my grandfather was a navy man and my mother was friends with bikers and musicians. I can remember looking at their tattoos and asking my mom, “Can I get a tattoo?” She would reply, “Just wait; you have your whole life ahead of you.” I knew at an early age I would be getting multiple tattoos. I was into punk rock and wanted to show the world, I was a bad ass. Turns out, I was just another bad kid. I was kicked out of 3 different high schools and it seemed my artwork was the only place I could really express myself. I began drawing all the time. I was doing a lot artwork for local bands and painting the backs of jackets. Most of my artwork was full of demons and skulls, so tattooing was a medium where my work was relevant. I can remember one of my drawing teachers hating the macabre imagery and telling me I would never make a career for myself drawing that sort of stuff.

     In my senior year, I began to spend a lot of time in Tony Cambria’s shop and asking him to teach me. He refused. In fact he refused every day for months. I was like a lost dog that wouldn’t leave. This went on for around 6 months or so, until one day he said, “If you’re going keep hanging around here, grab a broom and go clean this place up.” That was the beginning, and I’ve never looked back.


Now after 21 years of tattooing, I have finally opened my own studio "Pogue Mahone Tattoo Company". We are located @ 341 Hwy 35, Red Bank, NJ 07701. 732-383-TAT0(8280). The studio is a state of the art, 100% disposable equipment, 100% custom drawn art studio. Our artists can cater to any clients wants or needs. You give us an idea and we will design it.  

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